Acrylic tubs are some of the most common because the material is relatively easy to shape and they are a lighter weight than traditional cast-iron tubs. However, they are tricky to keep clean and shiny as the surface is easily damaged.

bathtub refinishingThe first step is to ensure that you are using the right type of cleaning solution. It is very important to use gentle cleaners rather than abrasive products. As acrylic tubs are easily stained, especially at the water line, it can be tempting to really scrub with bleach and a wire brush. However, this will actually strip the material and leave you with a spotted, flaky surface.

Instead of harsh chemicals and cleaning implements, you should opt for more natural products and a microfiber cloth. Eco-friendly products are almost guaranteed to not damage an acrylic tub, and most multi-purpose cleaners are fine as well. Check the labeling on the products you choose, as most will state if they are safe to use on acrylic surfaces. A handy DIY tip for those really tough stains on the water line is to use a mixture of gentle cleaning solution and lemon juice, as the acidity in the lemon will help to dissolve the mineral deposits.

Though it may seem like a lot of work, you want to be cleaning your acrylic tub with these materials at least once per week. This will prevent the stains from building up and becoming more damaging to the acrylic.

However, if your tub surface seems beyond a good cleaning, give us a call! We can help you find a refinisher to give your tub a new surface in just a few hours, and now that you know how to clean it properly it will last for years.