What if you could have your entire inventory renewed and replaced for free?

What if you could trade each product for a new one at no additional cost?

What if you didn’t have to keep asking… what if?


NAPCO’s Trade-Up program provide refinishers with the opportunity to replace any and all bathroom and kitchen refinishing competitor products, including cleaners, primers, coatings and additives, with a one-for-one free product exchange for NAPCO’s refinishing supplies. In a recent survey, 96% of current NAPCO customers rated our products as “good” or “excellent.”, so why not try it for yourself? Especially for FREE!

This program, which was developed specifically for refinishers who wish to upgrade their current refinishing supply inventory and begin using NAPCO’s advanced refinishing product line, has been extended into 2020. You may remember our initial roll out of the Trade-Up program back when it was only offered during the summer months, however, the program has officially been extended into 2020.

The program is available for all refinishers who have purchased competitor products that they wish to trade-up for a NAPCO product. In order to take advantage of this offer, follow the instructions as followed:

1. Call NAPCO to confirm the competitor from whom the supplies were purchased.

2. Box up current professional refinishing supplies.

3. NAPCO will send a shipping label to cover all shipping costs free-of-charge.

4. Once the supplies ship, NAPCO will replace the entire supply of inventory with equal value NAPCO products for free.

NAPCO’s Trade-Up program

For more information on NAPCO’s trade-up offer, or for a complete list of competitor stock that NAPCO accepts, call its toll-free customer service hotline at 1-800-888-1081.