Want to learn more about masking your bathroom successfully? If so, read on for NAPCO’s recommended procedure and best practices in covering the bathtub, vanity and toilet.

  1. Bathtub

Masking Your Bathroom before RefinishingStarting with your bathtub, tape a golf ball-sized wad of paper towel under the spicket with NAPCO’s one to one-half inch masking tape. Next, place a plastic bag over the entire spicket and secure the shower head with NAPCO’s 18-inch masking paper and tape. Tape off the fixtures completely. Secure two rows of paper (36 inches) on each side of the tub so that they overlap slightly on the floor and on the top of the tub. Extend two extra rows of paper past the side of the bathtub for protection. Tape off the drain and cut the excess tape with a new single-edge razor to make a crisp line.

  1. Toilet

Your toilet can be covered with a small tarp. If it is close to the tub, use tape to seal the tarp to the masking paper on the wall so no overspray will travel behind the toilet. If the toilet is in front of the tub, we recommend using a single 18-inch piece of paper doubled up on top of itself.

  1. Floor

A tarp should completely cover the rest of the floor as well. Lay the tarp over the paper in front of the bathtub and tape the tarp about one to two inches from the tub.

  1. Cupboards

For vanities with cupboard doors, use three rows of paper (54 inches) that extend from the bottom of the counter to the floor. Then cover the counter top with paper and tape, or a small tarp. Mirrors need to be completely masked with sealed tape. Any towel bars or door handles should have a single piece of paper draped over the top of them as protection from overspray.

  1. Kitchen

You should note that these practices can also be applied to the kitchen, with the exception of larger cabinets. To mask these, cover them with tarp and place one row of paper over the plastic. The masking paper can help stop the plastic from flapping around and also absorbs more overspray. The plastic can also be used to cover the refrigerators and to block off access to other rooms, however it is recommended for safety reasons that items in adjacent rooms be covered as well.

NAPCO is always here to assist you during the refinishing process. We hope these tips can help you successfully mask the bathroom or kitchen. If further support is needed, feel free to send us a quick message in our chat box or call us at 1-800-888-1081.