NAPCO offers a complete line of low gloss resin for use on kitchen counters and vanity tops. This line has the same features as our high gloss coatings but with 20% less gloss. The textured versions are as easy to use as the regular low gloss coatings but result in a slightly textured surface.

professional refinisherAll Poly-Glass Low Gloss Topcoats:

• Flexible enough to withstand impact of dropped objects
• Tough enough to last 10+ years when properly applied
• Provide great coverage with less material and cost
• Fit any décor; available in 22 standard colors plus custom colors
• Available in textured finish as well

Mega-Fast Poly-Glass 4 Hour Cure Low Gloss Resin

• Our fastest dry time – fixture can be used in 4 hours
• Dries to the touch in 5 – 10 minutes minimizing dust contamination
• Great for commercial accounts such as hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.

Poly-Glass Quick Dry Low Gloss Resin

• Fixture can be used in 24 hours
• Minimize dust contamination, dry to the touch in 5 – 10 minutes

Poly-Glass Regular Dry Low Gloss Resin

• 48 hour cure time
• Our most economical low gloss topcoat

Kitchens can be Your Most Pofitable Work! Call NAPCO today!