Refinishers love the Poly-Glass line as it offers unparalleled performance and 3 dry time options. Our Universal Catalyst works with any of these fine topcoats.

All Poly-Glass Top Coats:
• Will not crack or yellow over timerefinished tub
• Can last 10+ years when properly applied
• Provides great coverage with less material due to 69% solids by weight
• Each gallon covers approximately 16 tubs
• Available in 22 standard colors in addition to custom colors
• Use on tubs, sinks, tile, vanities

Mega-Fast Poly-Glass 4 Hour Cure High Gloss Resin
• Our fastest dry time – fixture can be used in 4 hours
• Dries to the touch in 5 – 10 minutes minimizing dust contamination
• Perfect solution for 1 – tub households
• Great for commercial accounts such as hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.

Poly-Glass Quick Dry High Gloss Resin
• Fixture can be used in 24 hours
• Minimizes dust contamination, dries to touch in 5 – 10 minutes
• Good for single tub homes, commercial accounts

Poly-Glass Regular Dry High Gloss Resin
• 48 hour cure time
• Same gloss and whiteness as our other Poly-Glass resins
• Our most economical topcoat

Universal Catalyst
• Can be used with any Poly-Glass resin
• Saves you money with less required inventory
• Mix 2 to 1 and start spraying

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