Gorilla Grip Wipe On Primer

Gorilla Grip Wipe-on Refinishing PrimerSave an hour of prep on each and every tub with Gorilla Grip, our wipe on primer. Simply clean the tub with Poly-Cleaner, rinse and dry, wipe on Gorilla Grip primer. It’s that simple.
• No etching
• No spraying primer
• No sanding
• No cleaning gun after priming


Epoxy Low Build Primer Resin 'Fast Dry'

Holds tightly to porcelain, cast iron, steel
• Retains flexibility to resist cracking
• Use 3 – 4 light coats without worry of unevenness or runs
• Just 5 – 10 minutes of dry time
• Mix with Epoxy Low Build Primer Catalyst


Epoxy Low Build Primer Catalyst 'Fast Dry'

• “Part B” of our Epoxy Low Build Prime
• Dries in 5 – 10 minutes saving you up to an hour on each job


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