While the hot summer weather is good for taking beach vacations, lying by the pool and eating watermelon, it can quickly cause problems for a refinisher. Heat can not only damage your products and shorten the overall lifespan, but it can also negatively impact the final finish. Refinishing in the summer heat can cause solvent popping on a rough surface, often resulting in an “orange peel” look from thinner evaporating too quickly.

So how can refinishers ensure that products stay protected during the summer heat and finishes dry quickly and smoothly? The following is a look at some essential safety tips to help avoid the worst the summer weather has to bring.


  1. Check the storage temperatures on all of your products.

If you leave resin in your vehicle or space above the recommended storage temperature, it can become too thin and cause more runs due to the lower viscosity. Over time, the high temperatures can also cause separation of the material, leading to loss of product.

All products have varying storage temperatures, so be sure you’re reading each label for proper storage recommendations. As a safety precaution, we recommend refinishers store ALL products at indoors room temperature between 50° - 90°F and out of direct sunlight.


  1. Try to avoid refinishing in areas that aren’t temperature controlled.

If you’re refinishing in an area that is too hot, you will have difficulty getting a nice, glossy surface since the solvent flashes off too quickly while spraying. To do this, consider asking the property manager or customer to turn on the HVAC the night before refinishing to get the area to ambient temperature and humidity. In cases that this is not possible, try adjusting your hours for really hot days and consider working early morning hours, or in the evenings after the sun goes down.


  1. Keep suggested products to use during high temperatures on hand.

mega fast resinWe understand in some situations that it may be challenging to avoid refinishing in high temperatures. If that’s the case and you must spray in a hotter area with no way to reschedule, make sure to have some NAPCO Retarder on hand. A retarder will help increase your chance for success and reduce customer complaints by reducing dry time. Used in combination with our Mega-Fast coatings, it will help slow down the evaporation of your mixture and help ensure a smooth, professional finish.


  1. Ensure all products are tightly closed when not in use.

This one may sound like a no-brainer, but even when using on the job, make sure products that aren’t in use are kept closed at all times. If products are not tightly sealed, the solvent present in the resin formulation will evaporate, causing thicker, more concentrated resin. Many products are also sensitive to high humidity, possibly requiring more reducer for proper spray, which lengthens the recoat tack times and slows down the cure.


Don’t let the summer weather slow you down or prevent you from delivering your best work. Knowing how to properly and safely use your products and equipment in extreme temperatures allows you to be prepared no matter the situation. For more information about our recommendations for storing products and refinishing during the summer, contact our team today by calling 1-800-888-1081 or visit www.napcoltd.com.