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As a tradesman, you know that good word of mouth is a key part of growing your network of potential referrals. But what about expanding your network online to complement that effort? Are you connected to clients and other people who have been good partners for you there too? If you’re thinking that your online network isn’t as visible as it needs to be, there are a few things you can do to change that. It doesn’t mean trying to connect with everybody and anyone (although you may need some more connections than what you currently have).

What we’re really talking about is making your online presence all it can be and the #1 online network for business, LinkedIn, is a great place to start. Let’s take your profile and your participation to another level with these simple moves and remind those who know you why they’re glad to be connected with you on LinkedIn.

Make It A Media Rich Experience

What pictures, videos or presentations can you add to your Experience section? Besides the static text that people come to expect in your Summary section, adding other types of multimedia can give the impression that your background is a more well-rounded one. You might add before and after pictures of projects you completed. You could also put up video testimonials from satisfied customers.

Jump Into Group Discussions

You can belong to a wide range of Groups within LinkedIn - some of which you may share with a prospect, client or strategic partner. Yet, if you simply exist among the other members with participating, they may not be aware of you. Take a moment to stay on top of the discussions regularly occurring and add your perspective to the conversation. The more consistently you participate, the more you can likely raise the visibility of your profile and potentially stand out among others in your industry category. Remember, many Group members also choose to receive email updates on the discussions occurring, so you can indirectly raise awareness of your company through the comments you contribute

Get Into Article Sharing Mode

How much more likely is your profile to be seen by others if you share a specific article with your network? According to LinkedIn itself, you could be up to 11 times more likely to be viewed! News relevant to your company is fine, but think about what else your customer values hearing about too – is there an industry trend that is worth them knowing about or type of technological advancement? By sharing articles relevant to their world too, you show a greater awareness and authority that establishes credibility.