Raise your hand if you are the type of shopper to read reviews before purchasing a new product or service? The truth is, we all do it at least at some point. We feel that training courses are no different. It’s an investment into your career, so as refinishers, or potential refinishers, it’s reassuring to know you’re making the right choice when choosing the class that’s best for you.

So what do NAPCO trainees have to say about the 3-day Kitchen and Bath Training Course at NAPCO? We asked James Calkins of Seattle, WA who attended class in May 2021 and here’s what he had to say:

Q: Did you check out other training options? If yes, what companies and if no, why not?

A: No. NAPCO training had the best reputation.

Q: What are the top 3 reasons you chose to take this class?

A: I was impressed with the information I received when I called and that is what sold me. I was already sold on NAPCO products, and the hands-on part of this class was very important to me.

Q: How would you rate this class – from poor to Excellent?

A: Excellent!

Q: Any general comments you have on the class?

A: The class is very informative, very detailed in coatings and different applications. I like that continual support and questions in the field are encouraged even after the class ends.

Q: In your opinion, what was the best part of this class?

A: Steve and his general knowledge of chemistry was extremely helpful. It seemed like there were very few questions that he could not answer, which is great for someone who is learning these new skills and techniques.


Are you interested in learning more about our refinishing training? Visit our training page for more info or call 1-800-888-1081 for more information. Classes are currently held once a month and are limited to six people per class so register today to snag your spot!