Applying a primer is an important step in the bathtub refinishing process because it helps with adhesion of the topcoat and covers imperfections on the surface.  Many bathtub refinishers don’t give much thought to a tub refinishing primer, but switching to NAPCO refinishing primers can save you money and time on the prep work.  We developed our tub refinishing primers to provide the best possible adhesion for your topcoats, so you can provide your customers with a higher quality and longer lasting finish.  Our bathtub refinishing primers are also fast drying and easy to use so you can get more work done in a day.

Refinishing primers for any job

NAPCO offers several types of bathtub refinishing primers including our Gorilla Grip wipe-on primer and two standard refinishing primers: Epoxy Primer Resin and High Build Primer.

  • Gorilla Grip Wipe-on Refinishing PrimerGorilla Grip Wipe-on Refinishing Primer: Our revolutionary Gorilla Grip primer takes only 5 minutes to apply which saves you up to an hour of prep time. All you have to do is clean and dry the tub, and then wipe on the primer over the entire surface.  Using this primer will save you about $250 per tub and allow you more time to refinish another tub per day.  You do not have to worry about etching, sanding, or spraying the primer and cleaning the gun afterwards.
  • Epoxy Primer Resin: Our Low-Build Epoxy Primer Resin is ideal for porcelain, cast iron, steel and ceramic surfaces that need a tight, yet flexible low-build primer system. This epoxy primer does not require any induction time and it can be applied in 3-4 light tack coats.  It dries in just 5-10 minutes and you don’t have to worry about runs or unevenness.
  • High Build Primer: Our versatile High Build Primer can help resolve many common problems you encounter on the job including bleeding from the original color or pattern, and pits or imperfections on the tub surface. As you spray on this primer, you can fix imperfections and provide a smooth and durable surface for the topcoat at the same time.  Using our High Build Primer will save you time and money and it requires no induction time.

Professional bathtub refinishers can check out these products and submit an order online, or call NAPCO at (800) 888-1081 for more information.