Recent studies have shown that remodeling has seen an upward trend among U.S. homeowners this year, and is showing no signs of stopping as we begin the new year. Much of this increase can be attributed to the 2017 housing inventory crisis. As fewer homes are put on the market, those who might have potentially looked to sell their home are staying put instead, for fear that they may not be able to find a suitable replacement. This shortage is having interesting effects on both the remodeling industry and millennial homebuyers.

As millennials make up more and more of the active work force, they are also on the lookout for homes to buy. However, this is a difficult task for most members of this generation, as they do not have the financial benefits of selling a previous home. Add this to the inventory crisis, and it’s a tough market out there for young people searching for an affordable house. As such, the construction and remodeling industries are turning away from the high-value homes that they have typically concentrated on in the past, and are refocusing on cheaper, entry-level homes that millennials will be more likely to pursue.

This shift in the marketplace is having another unexpected effect; namely, the number of millennials moving to the suburbs is increasing. This is surprising as millennials have historically flocked to urban centers for the employment opportunities and exciting entertainment, but the housing shortage is forcing them farther away from city centers in search of affordable options.

refinished claw-foot bathtubAll of these changes have important implications for those in the remodeling and refinishing industries. In general, the need for these types of services is going to be greater, as the lack of affordable housing options will force homeowners to update their existing living situation, instead of simply moving houses as they may have done in the past.

In order for refinishers to capitalize on this shift in the market, they need to begin targeting sectors of the population that they may not have focused on in the past. Generating awareness about your business within the millennial population will be essential, as these young homeowners will be looking to fix up their entry-level homes. Targeting homes in the suburbs is also a great strategy for enterprising refinishers, as families and young people alike will be looking to remain in their homes for years to come.

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