Winter is here with all of its cold weather bluster. But while snow and ice are great for building snowmen, sledding and sleigh riding, they pose significant potential issues for those in the refinishing industry. That is because water-based kitchen and bathroom refinishing products are susceptible to freezing during shipping and storing when temperatures drop low. The following is a look at why that’s bad and some essential safety tips to help avoid the worst the winter weather has to bring.

Why Cold Weather is Harmful to Refinishing Products

Most refinishing products can withstand the colder temperatures slightly longer than waterborne products before freezing, but those products are still just as important to protect during travel and storage. The propensity of water-based kitchen and bathroom refinishing products, specifically Kitchen RenewFlint-Stone™ and Piranha Prep are more susceptible to freezing.

All refinishing products that have the ability to freeze have the chance of failing you on the job. This is because freezing temperatures can cause the resin to cure prematurely or become otherwise compromised when temperatures drop near or below freezing – thereby making them useless. Besides risking failed products on the job, you are also taking the risk of causing permanent damage to your gun.

The good news is that while these are challenges refinishers face in the colder months, you can apply some easy solutions. 

  1. Use specialized winter packaging when buying NAPCO water-based, waterborne, or resin-inclusive products.

Winter-based packaging will protect those sensitive products from the elements, further preventing the risks associated with freezing temperatures.

NAPCO has you covered and protected by offering two types of winter packaging. We offer two different sizes that you can choose from at checkout depending on your order size. The extra packaging will ensure the products get shipped and arrive safely and without issue during these colder months that are likely to last until March or even April.

As a bonus, the foam used inside both of our small and large shipping boxes can be re-used! Our customers have found this high-grade foam and the boxes themselves to be particularly helpful for keeping their refinishing products safe and protected in garages, work vehicles, and other storage facilities when storing or transporting materials even during the warmer months.

  1. Keep all refinishing products and materials inside a temperature-controlled storage area. It’s important to store products in an area that will consistently keep products anywhere between 48-72 degrees Fahrenheit. We also advise refinishers that when storing, be sure products are not placed directly on concrete flooring.

For more information about our cold-weather winter packaging options or to stay tuned for other tips on shipping, contact our team today by calling 1-800-888-1081.