May 2014 | NAPCO Ltd.
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May 2014

  1. 3 Steps To Stop Chasing “Cold” Prospects!

    Question: Do you know what your very best customer looks like? A lot of tradesmen don’t or they’ll say, “Anybody who has money.” Sure, money is obviously important – but so is knowing where you should be spending your quality time. Ah yes. Time. We all have a limited amount of it and in your […]

  2. Remodeling Projects Get Ready For The Big Thaw

    There’s one silver lining to an unusually long and bitter Winter that a large part of the country recently experienced: It may have made homeowners all the more anxious to get rolling on home improvement projects. A recent poll by Piper Jaffray suggests that nearly a third of all homeowners nationwide reported having their home […]

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