On March 20-22, Steve Zamborsky of NAPCO visited downtown Cleveland, Ohio for the 2017 CoatingsTech Conference. The conference featured a special lineup of industry experts speaking on a variety of different topics, as well as technical classes aimed at exploring new ideas in the coating tech world.

2017 CoatingsTech Conference

At the 2017 CoatingsTech Conference

In addition to these seminars, the conference offered an award competition in three areas; the best paper award, the ACA student presenter award, and the student poster session award. The winners of these competitions were invited to speak and display their work for comment at the symposium.

“I always enjoy the student poster portion of these conferences,” commented Steve. “These students are doing important and ground-breaking research in the field of coating technology, and older folks like me can still learn a lot about new trends and technology!” he finished.

While in Cleveland, Steve was a part of the short course “Smart & Multi-Functional Coatings: How They Are Conceived and Made.” This three and a half hour-long session was taught by Jamil Baghdachi, a Professor of Polymer and Coatings at Eastern Michigan University. While attending the short course, Steve learned about new opportunities for research and breakthroughs in the coating tech industry, and how best to convert this type of research into actual practice. The course addressed new technologies like self-cleaning and dirt-resistant coatings, as well as superhydrophobic and ice-phobic films.

For the final day of the symposium, there was a Regulatory & Sustainability Focus Special Session. This all-day seminar featured a number of special guests speakers who highlighted new innovations in sustainable coating technologies and the importance of investing in these types of solutions.

NAPCO remains committed to providing the best possible service for our clients, and this means keeping up-to-date on all the latest information in the field. Check back later for more updates on conferences and symposiums attended by dedicated NAPCO employees!