Most of us have been at home nonstop for months, forced to consider every inch of our spaces. Now that we’re carefully resuming a more normal life, homeowners are finally able to make those design changes they’ve been daydreaming about. With the increase of potential bathroom refinishing projects, it’s important for refinishers to stay on top of the 2020 bathroom design trends and styles in the industry.

Black is back!

So what’s in currently for 2020? Black is back! For several years, gray has been a popular base color, but now darker shades are providing more impact. This trend is most popular in vanities and other fixtures. With NAPCO’s faux-granite Flint-Stone™ coatings, refinishers are able to model the look of natural stone surfaces in the bathroom at half the cost coming in a range of colors like the darker tones of Nightspots and Onyx.

NAPCO counter top coating

Black also helps accent colors pop, like pink, which is also on trend now. Blue remains a popular bathroom color, as it reminds people of the ocean and relaxation, and green infuses energy because users feel an outdoor tree and grass connection. With NAPCO’s ability to color match hundreds of desired colors for all coatings and primers, you have any on-trend hue at your fingertips.

Simpler Storage Solutions

2020 bathrooms will also display simpler storage solutions with cabinets and shelves. For those homeowners who build more storage, refinishers can step in to paint any and all newly exposed surfaces, tubs and showers to match new shelving.

Now is the perfect time to help homeowners turn their spa bathroom fantasies into realities using these 2020 bathroom trends. Call 800-888-1081 for more information on how NAPCO can help you stay on the cutting edge of design trends for 2020 with our bathroom refinishing products.