There are many things to think about when you are restoring a home. You want to be able to keep as much integrity about the house as possible while also incorporating many aspects of modernity, we are living in 2017, after all.

House Restoration Projects

To restore a house means to return a building’s interior and exterior appearance to a particular date or time period. Strict restorations are ones that eliminate everything not present during the period chosen and are rare for homes. Most owners opt to maintain modern systems, such as plumbing, and make their design choices to enhance the integrity of the home while also enjoying modern luxuries. So you don’t have to feel bad about using some materials that didn’t exist during the desired time period.

The Bathroom - Vintage Look with Modern Materials

refinished claw-foot bathtubThe bathroom is the perfect place to mix a vintage look with modern materials. You want the features to reflect the period of the home, but you also want to use modern plumbing. A perfect solution to this dilemma might be to incorporate a refinished claw-foot bathtub.

If you do not have one in the home you are currently restoring, you can order one from a vintage dealer. If you do have one in the home you are restoring the odds are that it is not in mint condition. A simple and cost effective way to fix this problem is to consider bathtub refinishing. This is the perfect way to maintain the integrity of the original time period because the refinishing process allows you to use the original piece while also making the space functional, clean, and sleek.

Eco-friendly Tub Coatings

Something important to think about while in the midst of a restoration project is material. NAPCO is an industry leader in eco-friendly tub coatings. Most bathtub coatings contain volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Due to government regulation and a desire for a greener footprint, NAPCO has produced eco-friendly bathtub coatings as a way to reduce VOC’s.

NAPCO’s Eco Glaze is a waterborne tub and tile coating that has absolutely no VOC’s whatsoever. It’s other benefits are that is has no odor, is easily cleaned up with plain water, does not need thinner, still produces a hard finish, and uses less material.

So, for your next refinishing/restoration project feel free to tackle a claw-foot bathtub. The process isn’t any different from spraying a modern tub, but the aesthetics of a vintage, modern look combined with the eco-friendly coating option will bring your restoration project to the next level.