Since its introduction in 1883, the enameled bathtub has been a fixture in American homes. bath shower refinishing - beforeWhile it has lessened in some popularity, it is still commonly found in homes today. However, not all enameled bathtubs are in great shape and the difficulty and challenge of removing the tub for repair or replacement can be daunting. It’s necessary to remember bathtub aesthetics are just as important as utility and function within the space. This is where bathtub refinishing can make a difference and provide you with a bathtub that improves the value of your home and increases the aesthetic look and feel of your bath space.

Why Repair an Older Tub?

While a newer fiberglass or plastic tub might prove less expensive in initial costs compared to replacing it with an enameled tub, repairing or refinishing the tub is a comparable alternative. Considering that thermal performance of both plastic and fiberglass tubs are less than that of enameled tubs, the choice can also be a comfort issue as well. Additionally, enameled tubs improve the overall value of the home and the potential resale price.

DIY or Professional?

bath shower refinishing - afterLike many home remodel projects, you have two basic options for refinishing a bathtub, either to attempt it yourself or to hire a professional. The common wisdom is that you can purchase a kit to perform the refinishing of your bathtub yourself and there are certainly some quality kits on the market. However, a lot depends on the extent of the repair job and other aspects such as working conditions, time constraints and of course cost. While it might appear to cost less by using a DIY kit, depending on the circumstances of the bathtub, the kit can fail to perform well or it can leave an unsightly appearance. Either of which would necessitate having to call a professional. Often it is more efficient to consult with a professional as they have the experience and knowledge necessary to get the job done right.

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Bathtubs function as a visual centerpiece to any bath space and their aesthetics are important for the look and feel of the room. Having an inviting and great looking enameled tub promotes a positive atmosphere in a rather mundane and functional room. By refinishing your enameled tub, you not only improve the visual appeal of the bath space but you improve the overall value to your home.

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