We live in a visual world where seeing is believing. That’s why having high-quality before and after photographs of your refinishing projects is critically important to the growth of your business.

Before and after shots are an age-old marketing tactic that has withstood the test of time. Bathtub refinishing work naturally lends itself to visually interesting comparison shots, and showcasing your work in a series of photographs ensures your effort will be appreciated by more than just the homeowner.

If you want to grow your refinishing business, take advantage of the power of before and after photographs.

How Before & After Photos Can Help Grow Your Bathtub Refinishing Business

By providing photographs from both the beginning and the end of a refinishing project, you can show potential customers what you have to offer, provide some visual proof of the quality of your work, and reach new clients online.

Bathtub Before & After Shots Communicate What Words Can’t

The old saying “a picture’s worth a thousand words” rings true here. A portfolio of before and after photos showcases the quality of your service and experience without saying anything at all. Instead of trying to describe how much a bathtub has been upgraded thanks to your refinishing expertise, you can share a picture that sends the message much more effectively.

Photographs also make is easier to communicate with clients who aren’t familiar with the technical jargon of the refinishing world. Homeowners can look through your photo gallery, point out what they like and dislike, and envision what their bathtub will look like once it’s remodeled.

Bathtub Before & After Shots Create Connections and Show Customers What’s Possible

Before and after photos show potential customers what they need and how you can help them get it. By providing a solution to their problem, you create a connection—which makes it more likely for them to trust you with their home.

Are your clients having trouble visualizing what’s possible? Before and after photos give them a taste of what you can offer and provide an example of what their own project can be.

Bathtub Before & After Shots Add a Punch to Your Web Presence

High-quality photographs help your website stand out from the competition, grab the attention of visitors, and upgrade your online presence.

Before and after shots are eye-catching and generate interest from anyone looking for an experienced contractor. Pictures on your website can also be repurposed as social media posts, making it easier for potential customers to find your website and learn more about the services you offer.

Tips for Taking Successful Before & After Photos of Your Bathtub Refinishing Projects

Taking photos of refinishing projects can be tricky for anyone new to photography, but by following a few tricks of the trade, you’ll be on your way to snapping stunning before and after pictures in no time.

1.   Stage the Shots

You want whoever is viewing your photographs to be focused on your work, so make sure the area is free from visual distractions like debris, clutter, and other eyesores before taking photos. While a small amount of clutter can help emphasize the disorderly or negative feel of a before photo, the after photo should be pristine.

2.   Use a Quality Camera

The only equipment you need to take before and after shots is a quality camera. Fortunately, today’s smartphones and tablets come with incredible camera capabilities, and you can even use the photo editor built into the technology to correct tilted photos—which means you likely have everything you need to take stunning photographs.

If you want to invest in additional equipment, consider using a tripod. It’s not a significant expense, and it makes it much easier to take level, more professional photos.

3.   Use Natural Lighting Where Possible

When it comes to photography, there’s nothing better than natural lighting. Not all bathrooms come with a window, but if it’s possible to take advantage of sunlight, aim to snap photos in the morning and evening, which is when you’ll get the most flattering light. Cloudy, overcast days are also a good option, thanks to the reduced shadows.

4.   Take Several Photos

Don’t limit yourself to one image; in fact, most of the time, the first photo you snap will not be the one you end up using. Take a series of several photos from a variety of locations and angles so you have plenty of options to create an impactful series of before and after pictures.

5.   Be Consistent Between Before & After Images

To maximum the contrast between “before” and “after,” feature similar angles and perspectives in both photographs. Matching images make it easy for prospective clients to see the improvements you made.

Make a note of where you were standing when you took photos before you started working so you can be consistent with images after the project is finished.

6.   Consider Hiring a Professional Photographer

If you need help capturing before and after photos that highlight the incredible work you do, consider hiring a professional photographer. These experts can take high-quality photos and edit them to showcase your best work.

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