There is a rising demand for kitchen and bath refinishing services from homeowners looking to sell their houses or renovate their existing kitchens or baths, so now is the time to expand your refinishing business.

Growing a small refinishing business can feel overwhelming, but there are several ways you can increase your customer base and secure new clients. Start with the right training and supplies, market your business to reach a wider audience, and develop relationships with both customers and suppliers to get your business on the right track.

1. Invest in Industry-Leading Kitchen & Bath Refinishing Training

Having the right experience is the foundation of a successful refinishing business. It’s crucial to learn from the best in the kitchen and bath refinishing industry so that you have the tools and knowledge you need to help your business grow.

If you’re new to the refinishing landscape, find a class for beginners with plenty of hands-on experience and a comprehensive training program. For experienced refinishers, prioritize expanding your technical skills so you can provide additional services to customers.

By investing in a strong training program, you will set your business apart from competitors, generate more sales, and provide higher-quality work—leading to an increased return on investment (ROI).

2. Stock Up on Refinishing Supplies

Kitchen and bath refinishing materials and equipment can range from bathtub primers and coatings to countertop and cabinet refinishing products. As you grow your refinishing business, having a variety of product options already at your fingertips will allow you to get the job started sooner and completed quicker.

Many professional refinishing supply companies offer volume discounts. Purchasing industry-leading kitchen and bath refinishing supplies in bulk can help you save a significant amount of money (which you can then put toward growing your small business).

3. Market Your Business

Marketing your refinishing services is a key part in promoting the growth of your small business. There are a variety of marketing strategies you can pursue. Traditional marketing options include door-to-door marketing, handing out business cards or brochures, and setting up booths at trade shows. Additionally, digital marketing—via an interactive website, social media pages, and email campaigns—will help you reach the masses online.

4. Cultivate Great Relationships with Customers

The importance of customer relationships cannot be emphasized enough, and neither can positive word-of-mouth. When your customers have a good experience with your refinishing business and are happy with their kitchen or bath remodel, they will recommend your services to friends, leave detailed reviews, and hire you for additional projects.

To cultivate great relationships with your customer base, emphasize communication. Not only do you need to understand what exactly your customers are looking to create, but you must also help them understand the scope of the project and manage their expectations. When your customers know what to expect and when you deliver on your promises, customer satisfaction follows.

5. Partner with a Quality Supplier

Your refinishing business is only as good as the materials and equipment you offer to customers. Partnering with an industry-leading kitchen and bath refinishing supplier provides several benefits to small businesses. You can source a variety of materials and equipment, take advantage of loyalty programs to secure discounts, and speak with experienced professionals when you need additional support. Some suppliers also offer marketing options like direct mail materials or magnets to help your business grow.

One way to determine if a potential supplier is a good choice for your business is to see what training programs they offer. A supplier that focuses on education is likely to be up to date in the industry as well as prepared to answer any questions you have.

Grow Your Kitchen & Bath Refinishing Business with NAPCO

Are you ready to explore a career in kitchen and bath refinishing or continue your remodeling education? The NAPCO training program offers sessions for both new and experienced refinishers. Our industry-leading training opportunities are led by highly experienced trainers and include extensive hands-on experience as well as technical and marketing support beyond the program. We are also proud to offer a customer loyalty program that helps refinishers stay on budget and save even more on top-tier refinishing materials.

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