new-google-logo-010915By now, it wouldn’t be a shock if you received an email or phone call from a sales representative claiming that they have the magic formula for how to get your business seen on the very top of Google.

In fact, here’s one of those emails sent directly to Google!

It starts:
I visited your website and noticed that you are not listed in most of the major search engines and directories..."

That’s right. They actually emailed Google…about how to improve their Google ranking. Just swap out the phrase “” in the above message for your name and that probably sounds familiar to you, doesn’t it? This type of tactic should tell you all you need to know about how legitimate some firms actually are when they try to take advantage of small business owners who aren’t fully knowledgeable about the ways of search engines.

This doesn’t mean all firms who consult in the ways of websites and search engines can’t help you – far from it. There are many great, honest and talented people who can assist you in improving your Google ranking. But the ethical ones can’t and won’t guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.

The Truth You’re Searching For
No matter what tactics they may talk about, the truth is there is no firm that has a special “insider” relationship with Google that will catapult your name to the top of the rankings as a higher priority. There’s no way to “buy your way to the top” of Google.

Another red flag? The sales rep may also talk about how his or her firm will submit your name to many different search engines to get your name ranked higher and higher. Don’t believe that one either. Google has actually said that this practice has no effect on their search results. 

You should also know that there’s a difference between the search results of Google and the advertising section. They can’t point to your higher place in an advertising section as a result of what you pay-per-click and say, “See? We got you ranked higher in Google’s search results!” Not the same. Those are ads.

You don’t have to be an expert in search engines and Google rankings to decipher what a sales rep is talking about. Instead, it’s important to ask for great detail on:

  • Their fees
  • Their processes, including prompt notification of the changes they make and their rationale as to why they made those changes
  • What other online services they offer
  • Their experience in working with similar businesses
  • How long they’ve been established
  • How you can communicate with them (at least phone number and email is virtually a must)

The moment you feel they aren’t being transparent and honest with you, that should be a great indication you’re dealing with a firm trying to pull a fast one that you should walk away from. Because if their practices aren’t ethical, Google will not only find out but also penalize your website – not theirs.

Google employs some of the top scientific minds to ensure its search engine algorithm can’t be “gamed.” Someone calling or emailing you out of the blue can’t outsmart that.

And for once, that’s a guarantee you can actually believe in.