According to the trusted cost vs. value study done every year by, full bathroom remodels really don’t pay off well when you sell your house.  A midrange remodel costs, on average, $18,000 and returns only $11,800. A high end bathroom remodel costs a whopping $57,400 on average and returns only $33,000. Those aren’t the kind of numbers that entice you to go down that path.

There is an alternative. You don’t have to replace everything in your bathroom. By resurfacing instead of replacing you can save a boatload of money. You get a totally updated look without spending a fortune.

Let’s look at several parts of a cost effective bath remodel.

Vanity Top

You could replace your vanity and sink. It might be a DIY project for some Americans, but not for most. You would most likely end up paying someone to do it. A good alternative is to refinish the top. Yes, you would need to hire a professional, but you would save a lot of money and hassle than replacement. Top refinishers use NAPCO’s countertop resurfacing products to create a stunning vanity top. Using Flintstone faux granite coatings yields the look of stone without the cost or upkeep. If your vanity is damaged, they can use NAPCO’s countertop repair products to fix just about anything.

Vanity Cabinets

Again, replacement is expensive and a hassle. Think about having them refinished as well. Using NAPCO’s refinishing products, a professional can repaint the cabinets so they look new again. A trip to the big box store for new hardware and you have a brand new looking set of cabinets.

Replace a Dated Medicine Cabinet

A lot of older homes have goofy looking medicine cabinets. You know the look; like it belongs in a 1960’s high school gym. And much as you don’t like to admit it, visitors go through your medicine cabinet. The good news is these are usually easy and inexpensive to replace.

Lighting Fixtures
ikea lighting

This is another easy and inexpensive change. Replace dated fixtures with something that looks modern. Ikea is a great place for lighting. You can find very modern fixtures at really affordable prices. They look great. Again, this is an easy thing for anyone who is moderately handy.

Tub Refinishing





OK, here is the big one. Old tubs frequently look dated; maybe they are yellow or seafoam green.  Replacing this can easily cost several thousand dollars, not to mention the total mess it makes of your house. Resurfacing it costs pennies on the dollar. Can you do this yourself? No. Remember when you painted your son’s room? It didn’t come out quite as good as you wanted. Tubs are way more difficult. Leave it to a professional who has had professional bathtub refinishing training . If you want to find out how to refinish a bathtub, you can read about it but it really isn’t for laymen. A professional, using NAPCO’s tub refinishing products will give you an extremely durable finish that looks as good as new. If you have imperfections, a professional can use NAPCO’s bathtub chip repair products to make them go away.

Tile Refinishing

This can be another money pit. Imagine how much it would cost to rip out the tile walls surrounding your tub or shower and replace them. Imagine the dust and mess with tradesmen traipsing in and out of your home, agonizing your dog. A professional, using NAPCO’s tile refinishing products, can make your tile look great. If you want to read about how to refinish tile, you can read about how to refinish tile here but again, it is not for the average weekend warrior.

Bottom line, don’t waste a lot of money revamping your bathroom when you can spend just a little and get the most bang for your buck. If you want to find a professional refinisher near you click here and in most cases steer you towards a professional in your area.