Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are getting some spotlight in the bathtub refinishing industry. Due to government regulation and a desire for a greener footprint, NAPCO has produced eco-friendly bathtub coatings as a way to reduce VOC’s.

Go Green by Using Eco-Friendly CoatingsVOC’s are emitted as gases that include a variety of chemicals that may have long-term adverse health effects. Paints and coatings contain organic solvents and release pollutants that can persist in the air long after the activity is completed or the substances have been removed from the premises. Because of this, common organic pollutants are up to five times higher inside the home than outside the home which can cause health problems.

There are several ways to reduce exposure to VOC’s including increased ventilation during use, taking heed of label precautions, and following label instructions carefully. You can also reduce VOC’s on the job and in your customer’s home by using either of the two eco-friendly bathtub coatings NAPCO has produced.

NAPCO’s Polyglass 320 tub coating contains low VOC’s, but sprays like a conventional tile and tub coating. It meets government regulations and has lower odor. This coating is ideal for commercial work in multi-tenant facilities. NAPCO Polyglass products include:

NAPCO’s waterborne tub and tile coating has absolutely no VOC’s whatsoever. It’s other benefits include:

  • No odor
  • Easy clean up with plain water
  • No need for thinner
  • Hard finish
  • Less material

This product is safer for you as a refinisher and is preferred by your customers because of the conscious effort to have a greener footprint by using eco-friendly coatings on the job.

Download NAPCO POLY-GLASS® 320 Low VOC product sheet - PDF