2017 is here, so let’s start working on those New Year’s resolutions. If your old tub is dragging you down, it’s time to finally do something about it!

New Year, New BathtubIt’s common for bathtubs to start to flake and peel after several years of use, and using harsh chemical cleaners or a rubber suction bath mat can further contribute to the deterioration of the surface of your bathtub. An old flaky tub does not do any favors for the overall aesthetic of your bathroom, not to mention making the prospect of a bath highly unappealing. This year, enjoy your bathroom by fixing up that old tub until it sparkles like new.

You may think that making a completely fresh start with your tub is the best option, and it can certainly be tempting to rip the whole thing out upon seeing the stained and peeling surface. However, replacing a tub is highly expensive and most of the time it is ultimately unnecessary. Most bathtub damage does not extend below the surface-level, and can be fixed with a timely and affordable refinishing solution. You could put the money you save toward accomplishing another New Year's resolution!

NAPCO provides a wide range of bathtub refinishing products that will suit any need. Maybe you want an even bigger change in your bathroom than a shiny new coat for your tub. NAPCO has an extensive assortment of different colors and finishes so you can get the custom bathtub you desire. An especially popular line of products are the eco-friendly coating solutions that contain lower levels of volatile organic compounds, or VOC’s.

Whatever your bathtub vision may be, ensure the longevity of your creation by making sure you invest in the proper bathtub refinishing supplies. NAPCO is a leading supplier of bathtub, tile, shower, and countertop refinishing products with a service-first mentality, and has taken the lead on developing innovative new products that help their customers succeed in whatever project they undertake. It’s a new year, and a new you. Treat yourself to an affordable bathtub upgrade and let NAPCO help you get the job done.

NAPCO also offers a training program to certify talented women and men to become professional refinishers. Find a great match for your refinishing project here.