Effective November 2019, all methylene chloride products for consumer paint and coating removal were officially banned from the shelves. This is an initiative that NAPCO supports as the safety of refinishers and homeowners continue to remain one of our top priorities. NAPCO offers a range of eco-friendly, methylene chloride free products, including the On The Spot Gun Cleaner, a multi-purpose surface and gun cleaner, offering refinishers a safer alternative.

NAPCO’s On The Spot Gun Cleaner not only works on spray guns, it also cleans overspray from almost any surface as well as any silicone contamination on hard surfaces like marble, tile, porcelain and glass. The cleaner works almost immediately due to the formulation of effective, powerful solvents without the use of toxic methylene chloride.

napco spray gun cleaner

After a job is complete, use the On The Spot Cleaner right away to extend the life of your gun. You can even soak your gun in the solution if necessary since it’s not harsh, a benefit to many refinishers. After getting a gallon of On The Stop Gun Cleaner, it’s easy to de-gunk your gun with these suggested cleaning tips:

1. Make sure to use at least a cartridge respirator with organic vapor cartridges installed.

2. As soon as you finish your job, pour out any unused resin from the cup.

3. Pour 4 to 6 ounces of NAPCO’s On The Spot Gun Cleaner into the cup.

4. Shake well to distribute cleaner inside cup.

5. Spray cleaner through gun on all settings until cup is empty.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 as necessary until liquid runs clear.

7. Wipe out cup with lint-free rag or towel and let air dry.


Use On the Spot Gun Cleaner, a simple process for effective and safe results. Visit our website at On The Spot Gun Cleaner to get your gallon and keep your business clean!