Neutrals and Pale Tones Replace Big and Bold

Based on trend data from both our own customers and other industry experts, we predict a shift from big and bold colors to neutrals and pale tones for the remainder of 2018. High-gloss coatings in Brite White, Kohler White, Marshmallow, Almond, Bone, Ice Gray, Thunder Gray, and various pastels are customer favorites for use in both the kitchen and the bathroom.

“While intense colors and bold layouts used to be in style, sales during the first part of the year have indicated that there will continue to be a major decrease in these types of color schemes in favor of milder hues,” said Jackie Stuckert, Customer Service and Sales Manager at NAPCO. “Our clients are now favoring softer, more relaxing tones that are easier to match with a wide variety of decor.”

Top Refinishing Color Trends for Summer 2018

High-gloss finishes have always been popular with NAPCO customers, as the human eye is naturally drawn to surfaces that have an elevated level of shine and smoothness. What is different this year is a revived interest in pastels, a kitchen and bath trend that was mainly seen in the 1950’s and 1960’s. These softer hues, combined with a glossy topcoat, create a mild and satisfying blend of colors and textures that are easy to customize and match.

It is important for our refinishers to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends, so that they will be able to best serve customers and attract new business opportunities!

For any advice or recommendations on bathroom and kitchen refinishing options, equipment, and/or product information, contact a NAPCO customer service representative on our website. NAPCO will be able to help you find the perfect color palette to match your clients’ needs!