Has working for yourself been a dream of yours? If you’re thinking about taking the leap of owning your own company, consider bathtub, tile, and countertop refinishing. Countertop, tile and tub refinishing is an excellent small business opportunity. You can have your refinishing business up and running in no time.

Refinishing Business Advantages

Owning your own business has a lot of advantages. Here’s just a start:

  • Master of your own business decisions
  • Control over your schedule
  • Financial success within reach

But, before you can reap the benefits enjoyed by professional refinishers, you’ll need to train up and collect your supplies.

Bathtub Refinishing Training

Prior to launching a successful refinishing business, it’s important to get hands-on training from a company with a proven track record of training professional refinishers. This training should instruct you on how to refinish surfaces such as bathtubs, tiles and countertops. Our bathtub refinishing training includes hands-on training to get you ready for business.


Refinishing Supplies

After you’ve successfully completed your refinishing training, it’s time to stock up! The right countertop and bathtub refinishing supplies will help you get the job done professionally. As you start to build out your client base, your stock may be small. But, you’ll soon know what colors and glazes are most popular and you can continue to grow your supply. Look for a company that will be your partner in growing your refinishing business. Select for quality, commercial grade premium supplies, but also look for a company that offers a robust loyalty program.
Market your refinishing business

Now you’re trained up and stocked up—it’s time to find your inner marketer. The best refinishing training courses will help get out there and winning business.

Get Trained the Right Way

NAPCO Ltd. is a leading provider of equipment, supplies and top-of-the-line training to professional kitchen and bathroom refinishers. Our trainer, Simon, is the best in the business. After attending a two-day training session with Simon, and shopping our high quality, commercial grade bathtub, tile and countertop refinishing supplies and equipment you’ll be set for success in your professional refinishing business. See why the NAPCO program beats the franchise opportunity.