You own your own small refinishing business, maybe just you and a couple other people. You have some clients, but want to take your work to the next level. Well, here are some important steps that you can take to expand the reach of your business and ensure its success season after season.

Get Into Social Media

In this day and age, having a social media presence is necessary to ensure confidence and communication with customers. Even though you may think that your business is small enough to not need a Facebook page, clients like to see that the people they are working with are “with it” and plugged-in to what is going on in the world. This also makes it easier to interact with customers on a regular basis. Social media for your business does not have to be a huge project, just posting once or twice per week is sufficient!

Overestimate What You Needsmall business tips

Every client has different needs, and as such each project you work on is going to be different in some way. Whether this means different amounts of time or materials needed, it is always better to overestimate than to underestimate. Make sure you do not accidentally overbook yourself or run out out of supplies on the job! That would be a tough mistake to explain to clients.

Learn From The Competition

Keep an eye out for what tactics your competitors are using to gain and maintain business, and emulate their successful strategies. Business generated through word-of-mouth recommendation is great, but you also need to do what you can to get yourself out there. Conduct your own research and see what other small businesses in your field are doing to get their name recognized.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

Getting your business out there can be scary, and you may feel apprehensive about stepping into the fierce marketing competition. However, don’t let this stop you from trying new things! It may take a few different tries before you find the system that works best for you. Most people would rather see a business try something and fail, than not try anything at all.


Get your refinishing business up and moving with these four tips for small business owners! And remember, NAPCO is always here to provide support and guidance with whatever you may need.