Steve Coven, owner and creative director at NAPCOSteve Coven, owner and creative director at NAPCO, was recently interviewed for the Entrepreneur Podcast Network about how the entrepreneurial spirit drives the success of both NAPCO and its customers to develop products and delve into new markets.

During the interview, Steve discussed how NAPCO became the best in the professional countertop refinishing business and how NAPCO’s refinishing training allows customers to successfully build businesses and client bases.

“It is always a joy to be able to share all the things we do at NAPCO with a wider audience,” commented Steve. “We have such a different system here of personalized customer care and creative innovation that I think a lot of small businesses could learn from.”

Steve also talked about some of NAPCO’s unique bathtub refinishing supplies, like our eco glaze tub coating and the recently-patented Bath Tub and Shower Inlay kit.

Listen to Steve’s full interview, and stay tuned for more NAPCO news!