nanaIf you’ve been looking at bathroom and kitchen refinishing opportunities occurring strictly in a standard family home, it’s time to literally think outside of that box.

Whether it’s grandparents aging out of their traditional homes or kids moving back home (and sorry, Junior, your parents already turned your old bedroom into something else), we’re seeing an interesting trend taking shape – the building of small but separate homes in the backyard.

They’re known as “Accessory Dwelling Units” (ADUs) but they’re more commonly called terms like “granny flats” or “in-law units.” While these property units aren’t inexpensive, Zillow has found that they can enable the homeowner to price the property 60% higher than those without them. After all, if you are able to have more generations comfortably enjoying the home at once, there’s greater value to be seen from it.

For contractors, the presence of an ADU provides even more potential area of a dwelling to enhance. And in the case of kitchen and bathroom refinishing projects, it’s a small investment for a larger return. Homeowners will need to confirm that zoning ordinances aren’t restrictive of building such units on a property. However, there may be some wiggle room depending on the size and structure of the unit in relation to the main property.

Regulatory concerns aside, this trend may have some staying power as a smart long-term investment that allows the family to live together in proximity to each other without having everyone literally live under the same roof.