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  1. “Granny Flats” May Create Project Opportunities

    “Granny Flats” May Create Project Opportunities

    If you’ve been looking at bathroom and kitchen refinishing opportunities occurring strictly in a standard family home, it’s time to literally think outside of that box. Whether it’s grandparents aging out of their traditional homes or kids moving back home (and sorry, Junior, your parents already turned your old bedroom into something else), we’re seeing an interesting trend taking shape...
  2. 3 Major Cash Flow Challenges You Can Remedy

    “Cash flow? I’m not some CPA who can predict this stuff.” Many of us aren’t natural-born bookkeepers, but as business owners, having a basic understanding of the concept of cash flow is vital. When you can more properly manage how cash flows in and out of the business, you can not only get a firmer grasp on your financial day-to-day...
  3. Building A Winning Season Like A Baseball General Manager

    Building A Winning Season Like A Baseball General Manager

    For over 100 years, baseball was a game defined by what seemed like simple things: Wins and losses. Obviously the more talented team you had, the more you’d be in a position to win a lot more games on your quest to be a world champion. But in about the last decade, as teams gained more access to data on...

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