They say luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, and thus the difference between the lucky and the unlucky are those that anticipated changing forecasts and readied themselves for it. Right now, we are living in some incredibly changing times. Our culture is shifting and our primary focuses are changing. The idea of home has never been as important as it is today - it means more now than ever before. So the question is, have you prepared your marketing and business materials to take advantage of these opportunities?

Understand the Changing Times

We are now in a reality in which people are at home more. Here in 2021, everyone is better able to focus on the positives of that very simple word that has grown to mean so much both personally and professionally -- Home. "Home" has taken on a new meaning for homeowners and refinishers alike. People are transitioning from homeowners primarily investing more time in the homes, to homeowners ready to invest more money in their homes. And this aspect, this increased desire for upgrading investments is where refinishers can swoop in -- but only if you're ready to rebrand and reposition yourself for it.


How to Rebrand With an Emphasis On a Home

Home is now our office, our child's classrooms, our entertainment venues, and, with travel continuing to be limited, the location of our upcoming vacations (aka staycations). Home is where we all feel the safest and is the place where we feel connected to those closest to us and those who are far from us. People who used to see their living spaces only a couple of hours a day are now only spending a couple of hours not in their home. They are looking at these spaces in a whole new way and want their homes to look in new ways to accompany their changing lifestyles.

As a kitchen and bathroom refinisher, there really has never been a better time to rebrand yourself and make it clear that you and your crew ought to be the go-to choice for homeowners looking to improve their home. Again, the keyword here, HOME. Start today with the following:

  • • Change your marketing to focus on "home". Take a look at all of your marketing materials. Wherever possible, you should shift the tone of your pieces to focus on how your work has improved the home value and, most importantly, the feel of the home. When pitching to your clients, use this as your primary messaging entrance.
  • • Keep up proper safety measures but reduce its emphasis on marketing and pitching. In 2020, it was important to emphasize your commitment to COVID-19 safety measures and while you should still be following those measures, now is the time to put COVID-19-related messaging on the backburner in terms of your marketing and pitching. Again, while still important, all refinishers should already be implementing these measures and so emphasizing them won't make you different from the crowd. Instead, be different from the crowd by going for the emotional appeal and marketing on that idea of home and life investments.
  • • Follow-up with old leads. If you're struggling with new jobs in this new year, don't forget your old clients and use their stories in your rebranding efforts. Call up previous clients and ask how your refinishing work is holding up, ask specifically how their improved kitchens and bathrooms have improved their lives, and then use that feedback (hopefully including pictures) as the primary content for your new year's run of marketing materials. Since we know homeowners are spending money on their homes now, don't miss out on opportunities by not properly advertising, doing follow-ups and cold-calling. Not properly advertising your services means the customer will pass by you and go to those who are.