Simon Newton, head of training at NAPCO

Our wonderful refinishing trainer, Simon, recently had the pleasure of appearing on Mighty House Home Improvement Radio to discuss all things NAPCO. The hosts of this Chicago-based program, Ron Cowgill and Robbie Ehrhardt, interviewed Simon on the capabilities and benefits of home refinishing, and what makes NAPCO products so unique within the coatings industry.

Mighty House Radio

Ron and Robbie were especially impressed with NAPCO’s ability to provide resurfacing for Formica countertops, as even these home improvements experts believed that Formica has to be torn out and tossed when it becomes damaged. They also enjoyed Simon’s description of NAPCO’s 27 resurfacing color options, joking that the purple countertop coating would be perfect for Evanston’s Northwestern fans!

Simon also described NAPCO’s 2-day refinishing certification program, as well as refinishing options when it comes to vinyl, marble, and cast-iron tubs. The hosts were interested to hear about NAPCO’s low-VOC products and that the refinishing process is not nearly as smelly as it used to be!

To listen to the full interview, you can visit the 1590 WCGO website, or take a look at the video above!