NAPCO is happy to announce the reintroduction of both a print and online product guide containing information on products, equipment, and services offered by the company. The catalog provides an outlet to learn everything you need to know about topcoats, Eco-Glaze waterborne coating, spray systems, breathing systems and much more!

NAPCO catalogThe catalog discusses how NAPCO got its start, how NAPCO is improving services, and what innovations are being made in the pursuit of new and better products. It also provides access to information on ordering product and registering for NAPCO training sessions that feature a hands-on training program at their state-of-the-art training facility. Participate in this two, full-day program to learn everything you need to know about bathtub, countertop, and cabinet refinishing.

NAPCO is consistently looking for ways to improve their products for their customers and are conscious of their impact on the environment. Which is why, NAPCO created an eco-friendly coating that is featured in the catalog called Eco-Glaze. This product is water-based and VOC free which makes it safer for people, and safer for the environment. The Eco-Glaze coating is odorless, requires no thinner, uses less material, and finishes just as hard as other conventional bathtub coatings.

Ultimately, the catalog demonstrates NAPCO’s line of quality products and superior training. NAPCO is creating safer products and wants to make sure proper precautions are taken including the implementation of fume exhaustion and air breathing systems needed on refinishing jobs. The catalog demonstrates NAPCO’s quality products, but most importantly, it demonstrates how deeply NAPCO cares about your success as a professional refinisher.

If you are interested in receiving NAPCO’s Product Guide, digitally, in-print or both, please call 1-800-888-1081.