At NAPCO, our goal is to provide the very best refinishing products, equipment, and services to the refinishing community. We are constantly working to make NAPCO products just right for your refinishing business, so you can do an outstanding professional job and get a larger profit margin.

That’s why we have decided to enhance NAPCO’s website by adding a product ratings and reviews feature! You can now rate and write NAPCO product reviews on our website in addition to reviewing NAPCO on Google.

Not only will this new feature help with future purchasing decisions, but it will allow us to improve upon our products on behalf of your feedback.

online reviewsFuture purchasing decisions: Product reviews and star ratings help you make your decisions faster and with greater confidence than ever before. In fact, 78% of consumers who bought a product after reading a review reported being satisfied, according to a report by ready cloud.

By reading trusted reviews from other refinishing experts, you can have a better sense of which NAPCO products are right for your tub and tile refinishing needs. See a new NAPCO product you might be interested in? Gather additional information and authentic refinishing reviews about the product on our website and feel more confident in your purchasing decision.

Better refinishing products: NAPCO has always relied on input from our network of professional refinishers as well as our suppliers for feedback on our products. Your suggestions have led to the development of new color options, surface solutions. NAPCO products such as our NAPCO essentials Kitchen Renew line, our Sonic Strip Methylene Chloride-Free Paint Stripper, and our efficient On the Spot Gun Cleaner were specifically formulated with you in mind. We are always looking to innovate based on your requests.

Our new ratings and reviews system mak­es this process much simpler and direct. You can now deliver your valued feedback, ideas for improvements, or share your experiences with only a few clicks, so we can continue to make NAPCO products just right for your refinishing business.

Reviews ensure that the best businesses are found:  Studies show that close to 90% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. That’s because an online rating and review system opens the door for authentic customer feedback which encourages businesses, like NAPCO, to offer the best refinishing products and services possible.

In today’s sharing economy, authentic reviews and ratings helps build up our online presence and helps others learn about us!

We understand how valuable you are. We want you to share your experience. You will always be our most valuable source for helping NAPCO be its very best.

Using the 5-star rating system (5 being the highest) NAPCO customers are encouraged to rate their experience with NAPCO products as well as leave a review with their rating.

To leave a product review:  log into your account, search and locate the item you want to review, then click on the item then either click “Add Your Review” or “Be the first to review this product.”

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