Recently, we wrote about the importance of shifting marketing focus onto "HOME" as this new year shifts into gear. We hope that it got you excited to make some big changes in your plan on marketing your kitchen and bath refinishing business in the coming months. But if you're feeling uncertain about just how to put words to action in emphasizing home, then the following run-down is for you.

The following is a look at some easy but key ways in which you and your team can update your marketing and pitching strategies to emphasize "home" and land you those new clients you've been searching for. Of course, we’re just getting started with these tips – there are a half dozen other ways to target new clientele and sell them on that idea of a better home with your kitchen and bath refinishing work, but we hope these will get you started.

How to Refocus on Home in Your Upcoming Marketing

1. Create/update portfolio to take on jobs. First things first, whenever you update your marketing materials, you should simultaneously update your portfolio. Go through your existing portfolio or, if you don't have one, start it today and with each series of photos, attach written content that highlights how your work has improved the feel and valueof the room as well as the overall home.

2. Start adding in new website content. A part of any marketing strategy should be cross-posting blog and video content. So when you start home-focused marketing, make sure you're updating your website and including keywords on all pages as well as your blog posts to reflect that focus. Read our own previous blog post for more detailed tips about updating website content.

3. Try email marketing. Email remains a top platform for small businesses, with as many as 81% of small businesses confirming that they rely on email marketing as their primary customer acquisition channel. However, successful email marketing takes thought and care. We recommend sending one high-quality, professional newsletter every month that includes information that appeals directly to your market and core principles. Here, remember that "Home" should be the focus. Consider using MailChimp as its easy, cost-effective, and delivers great-looking emails.

4. Maintain a strong digital presence and social media. In this day and age, having a social media presence isn't optional, it's a necessity. No business is too small to have Facebook and Yelp pages. In fact, we'd argue it is the smallest of businesses that enjoy the biggest benefits of being on social media. These pages are where potential clients really get an idea of who you are as a business and what you have to offer them in terms of kitchen and bath refinishing work. Social media platforms also make it easy to regularly interact with customers, answering their questions and responding to feedback. Every time you respond to one customer, you really have a chance to respond to the larger unseen audience. Note, you don't have to be on social media religiously for it to be effective, logging in and making posts just once or twice a week will have a noticeable effect. Especially if you go in with a plan like focusing posts, answers, and comments around the keyword of "Home"."

5. Don't forget print advertising. We focus a lot on online marketing but it's important not to forget the tried and true; invest in print advertising. Direct mailers to people in your area and flyers at local hardware stores are still effective methods of bringing in new customers. You might even take stock of "for sale" homes every month and send targeted welcome information after homes have sold. In all of these print advertisements, remember to keep the idea of improving one's home at the forefront. Include meaningful before/after pics and value statistics.