October 2014 | NAPCO Ltd.
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October 2014

  1. NAPCO Teams with Operation Gratitude to Send Care Packages to US Troops

    In remembrance of 9/11 and in support our troops, the employees of NAPCO are gathering donations to send to servicemen, veterans and first responders. NAPCO will be collecting a multitude of items and forwarding them to Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude packs the items into care packages and ships them out. According to their website, Operation […]

  2. NAPCO announces Gorilla Grip Wipe-on Primer

    The bathtub, tile and counter refinishing business is very competitive. These small businessmen are always looking to save time and money. North American Polymer Company (NAPCO) customers are saving 45 minutes or more using Gorilla Grip, a revolutionary wipe-on primer. By saving this time, some refinishers report they can fit in an additional tub at […]

  3. NAPCO employees volunteer at local food pantry

    A group of NAPCO employees recently volunteered their time at the Niles Township Food Pantry. The crew unpacked food from two trucks. They broke down the boxes and put it on shelves, sorted into bakery, meat and dairy items. The food pantry serves about 3,500 clients per month. The participating employees included Dani Nichols, Steve Coven, […]

  4. NAPCO Adds All Aspects of Safety Training to their Tub, Tile and Countertop Refinishing Classes

    A careless bathtub refinisher recently sparked an explosion and fire in a San Diego apartment building. The refinisher was not following basic safety procedures. NAPCO makes safety a cornerstone in its popular tub, tile and counter top training classes. Graduates are well aware of the equipment they need, and the procedures they need to follow, […]

  5. NAPCO Celebrates 36 Years of Service to Professional Tub, Tile and Counter Refinishers

    NAPCO is the oldest supplier of tub, tile and counter refinishing products in the United States. It was started in 1979 with the aim to supply the burgeoning bathtub refinishing industry. Current owner, Steve Coven, purchased NAPCO in 1992. The company has steadily grown by providing excellent customer service, top quality products and industry-leading training. […]

  6. How to get your prospect off of "Let me think about it."

    The situation seems right for you to start the job. During an initial conversation, the prospective customer has a need. You have the talent and tools to help them. It should be a no-brainer that you’re going to move forward, right? That’s when you hear, “Sounds great. We’ll get back to you soon.” While some […]

  7. That Customer is Taking Up Too Much of My Time!

    You like to think of yourself as a customer service master. You’re someone who’s always there to answer every last customer question. Phone call for you? No problem. Emails later at night? Sure thing. Even that customer who loves to chat with you when a job wraps up when you’ve got another job to get […]

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