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August 2017

  1. Bathroom Innovation Throughout the Ages

    Bathroom Innovation Throughout the Ages

    The bathrooms of today are the result of a long history of invention and innovation throughout the world, culminating in the convenient, beautiful, and easy-to-use appliances of modern-day households. For your next history lesson, NAPCO presents a brief summary of bathrooms through the ages, and how innovation has led to the bathtub coatings and refinishing products that we create.

  2. Small Business Tips to Help Your Company Take Off

    Small Business Tips to Help Your Company Take Off

    Whether you are just starting out with your own refinishing business or have been established for some time, these tips could be what you need to help your company get a boost and increase your profit this year.

  3. Kitchen Cabinet Primers

    Kitchen Cabinet Primers

    Pair kitchen cabinet resurfacing with countertops and you provide an almost complete remodel. By using our high-build primer resin you can cover up almost any woodgrain pattern and color with one coat. Then just apply any color (including custom selections) topcoat and your customer has a totally new look.

  4. Poly-Glass Counter Topcoats

    Poly-Glass Counter Topcoats

    NAPCO offers a complete line of low gloss resin for use on kitchen counters and vanity tops. This line has the same features as our high gloss coatings but with 20% less gloss. The textured versions are as easy to use as the regular low gloss coatings but result in a slightly textured surface.

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