Whether you are just starting out with your own refinishing business or have been established for some time, these tips could be what you need to help your company get a boost and increase your profit this year. Below are several ways you could help your small refinishing business drive growth.

Be Open to Change

franc4Running your own small business is stressful! There are always a million tasks to complete, especially if you employ several other people. This environment can make it easy for small business owners to be reluctant to adapt and change their business practices, as adding new factors into the workplace can increase existing stress. However, it is so important for small business owners to be open to trying new technologies and opportunities. Being an established veteran in the industry is great, but it might mean that you are missing out on business with a younger audience. One example is allowing mobile payments through apps like Venmo. Many younger homeowners don’t use checks or cash very often anymore, and will appreciate the ease of mobile or online payment options.

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

That all being said, sometimes traditional methods are traditional for a reason. Creating an online presence for your refinishing business is really important, as having a Facebook page or implementing email marketing strategies can be effective. However, especially in the refinishing business, tried-and-true methods like direct mail marketing and word-of-mouth are even more valuable. Many people decide on which contractors to hire based on the recommendation of someone else. Never underestimate the value of a good review!

Strategize Smartly

Whether you are decide to continue strategies from the past or are looking into implementing new ideas into your business, it is important to take stock of what is working and what isn’t. It sounds simple enough, but oftentimes we get caught up in something that sounds like a great idea, but in practice is not the right fit. Don’t let past successes or flashy new technology get in the way of common sense! Evaluate your small business strategies so you can optimize your operations.

NAPCO is always here as a resource to provide refinishers the strategy and marketing support they need to help their business succeed. Call or email us any time if you need advice or help with any issue!


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