You’ve done most of the work – you’ve developed your marketing strategy, started your website, decided how and where you’re going to advertise, AND set up your social media accounts. Nice work! The hard part is done. So now that customers can find you and you are interacting with them, the last piece of business is making sure you’ve brushed up on your communication skills.

Good communication is A MUST in all successful businesses! It’s all about the right people getting the right message at the right time. If you are not communicating correctly to your target audience and, most importantly, to your customers, then your business will definitely suffer even if you thought you’d done all of the necessary steps to make sure people can find you.

They say there are seven keys to successful business communication.

1. Credibility – this builds trust.

2. Courtesy – this improves relationships.

3. Clarity – this makes people understand easier.

4. Correctness – this builds confidence.

5. Consistency – this introduces stability.

6. Concreteness – this reinforces confidence.

7. Conciseness – this saves time.

It’s important to make sure all of your messaging (i.e., in your marketing materials, on your website, social media accounts, and even just how you are speaking to your customer in person) have these seven factors when you are creating them. The HOW you say the message is just as important if not more important than WHAT you are trying to say.

Think about messages you see everywhere. “Best wings in town, stop by for a Wingstop.” They don’t say, “We got wings. Come and get them.” What message does that send? And why should you want to stop there? But when you hear they have the BEST wings in town, well, that makes you want to try them, right?

It’s all about HOW you say the message just as much as WHAT you are trying to say. Keep these keys in mind, and you will have excellent communications skills in your messaging and your daily communications and interactions with customers.

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