Developing a marketing strategy

As a business owner, either as a solo refinisher, or one that operates a small team, it’s important to have a marketing strategy in place to help customers find you. But wait, what even is a marketing strategy, and why is it important? Developing a marketing strategy is nothing more than setting business goals and making a marketing to-do list that will get you to reach those goals. Think of it as your plan to reach a much larger range of customers

Your marketing strategy is HOW you are going to attract customers and what you have to offer. When thinking of your marketing strategy, think of everything you are going to do from beginning to end – It’s essentially your business “game plan.” Developing this plan makes sure that you are making the most out of every resource, every dollar and every minute you are putting into your marketing efforts. Being proactive and developing your plan ahead of time will save you time and money.


Marketing Plans

A proper marketing strategy can take weeks or even months to be successfully created. And we know what you are probably thinking, “Isn’t there a faster, simpler way I can at least get started with today?” That’s what we’re here for! So here we are providing two plans designed to get you to start thinking, planning, and making money without it taking you days and weeks. While these aren’t the complete marketing strategy plans that every business eventually needs, they will allow you to start thinking about your strategies and long-term plans that you can eventually turn into your larger marketing strategy plan.

marketing strategy

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The first plan above is a one-page plan that outlines the essential marketing components or categories like your Mission/Objectives, Target Market, Offering, Pricing, Distribution, Communication. These are essential components that go into your marketing strategy and allow you to think big picture and get everything into one place.

You can use this format as a place to put your big thoughts so that you can focus on what the strategies are.

marketing strategy

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The second one-page plan above is less academic and more focused on emotional triggers that will get your ideal customer to choose you. It calls on a more personal level by using the true meaning that reflects the very reason of WHY you are in business and HOW your services can help those in need.

We recommend to get started, print and fill out these plans to get your wheels turning. Then you can begin to think about how much money you want to allocate towards your marketing, how you want to market and how you will reach your target audience. Stay tuned for more blogs for tips on effectively marketing your business and services!

In this “Market to Market” series, stay tuned for other blogs on marketing your services and how to reach more customers.