In the past, we’ve written blogs about tips on keeping your refinishing spray gun in working order and the overall importance of keeping your equipment clean in order to extend its lifetime. As a refinisher, you’re well aware of how important this piece of equipment is and how all jobs, both kitchen and bathroom refinishing, rely on having a properly cared for and well-maintained spray gun and system. Taking the time to clean your spray gun, maintenance, and repair small fixes yourself, or in some cases, sending it away to be repaired, undoubtedly gives you a better return on your investment. So let’s dive into refinishing gun maintenance on your Titan Capspray System specifically, a trusted option sold and used by NAPCO experts.


Utilize NAPCO for repairs

capspray 75NAPCO customers can utilize our live virtual tech support and troubleshoot their Titan system virtually with one of our experts completely free of charge. Most issues that refinishers call in for are simple fixes usually involving a switch, fuse or plug which we can easily walk you through.

In the case that you don’t want to try and fix the repair yourself, NAPCO customers can also drop off or ship their spray systems directly to NAPCO. We charge $15 an hour for equipment repairs (not including any parts needed for both cleaning and repairing at the customer’s request). Give us a call directly at 800-888-1081 to schedule your NAPCO service repair.

Keep in mind that on our website, we also offer the recently updated service manual and the gun part list which also provides some troubleshooting and maintenance tips for quick fixes and references.


Send Systems to Titan for Motor Repairs

NAPCO does not do any motor repairs to Titan systems. If you have troubleshooted and determined that it is an issue with the motor, we encourage you to contact Titan directly by calling 800-526-5362 or emailing Alternatively, visit their website for an inclusive list of their updated service manuals.


Maintain a Proper Cleaning Schedule and Update Regularly

NAPCO recommends to always rinse out your spray gun and cup after each use. Keep check valves, valve seals, cup gaskets, and paint strainers changed on a regular basis for smooth effortless finishes. As for the Titan Capspray system specifically, it is recommended to change the two outer filters every week to every month, depending on usage, as well as the main filter to be changed monthly to bi-monthly. Doing so will cost you very little upfront, and ultimately extend the life of the systems motor by years if properly cared for.

Utilizing the above steps, in conjunction with some of our other tips that we’ve covered in the past, like using NAPCO’s On The Spot Gun Cleaner, conducting weekly inspections, and keeping backup parts on hand for quick fixes are all proven ways to get more life out of your system, and get more even, professional-looking sprays.