Starting a business is the American dream. With advantages like working for yourself, making your own schedule, and unlimited opportunities for growth, who wouldn’t dream of entrepreneurship?

The reality is, however, that starting a business requires capital for training, supplies, and marketing before you can begin making a profit, so it makes sense to start a career in a field like kitchen and bath refinishing.

Thriving at an unprecedented rate, the kitchen and bath refinishing industry is overflowing with a need for contractors—making it an excellent opportunity for any entrepreneur wanting to own a small business.

If you’re ready to become a businessowner and thrive in a new industry, consider bathtub, tile, and countertop refinishing.

How to Start a Kitchen & Bath Refinishing Business with $10K or Less in Capital

By diving into the world of kitchen and bath refinishing, you will join a fast-growing trade with a significant payoff. Experienced refinishers can earn as much as $100 or more per hour, making this industry a great option for anyone looking to start a profitable small business.

Here’s what you need to do to get started.

1. Find Reliable Training

Training is an essential part of becoming a professional kitchen and bath refinisher. You need hands-on experience refinishing surfaces like bathtubs, tile, and countertops before launching a successful refinishing business.

Look for an inclusive and industry-leading training program that fits your budget and provides you with the knowledge and materials you need to sustain your business.

At NAPCO, our three-day training program is designed for entrepreneurs new to the kitchen and bath refinishing space. We give you everything you need to get started—hands-on training, commercial grade products and equipment, marketing support, and ongoing technical guidance.

Let’s break down the cost: The beginner refinishing training program at NAPCO costs $6,997, which includes an extensive equipment and product package. After training, you will not only have the experience you need to hit the ground running, but you will also have enough leftover product to refinish 15 bathtubs (average profit of $6,750) or 10 bathrooms (average profit of $8,000) as well as one complete kitchen (average profit of $2,000). The training course pays for itself in just a few refinishing projects.

Investing in a training program led by the best in the kitchen and bath refinishing industry means your small business will stand apart from the competition and generate more sales.

2. Get the Right Products

The right refinishing products make all the difference. From bathtub primers and coating to countertop and cabinet materials, high-quality products make sure you can get the job done right.

As you start to build your client base, you will likely have a small collection of supplies on hand. However, once your business grows, you can look for cost-saving opportunities like buying in bulk.

Only a select number of refinishing companies offer volume discounts, which can help you save a significant amount money and make it easier to find the materials you need to get the job started and finished faster.

3. Create a Website & Marketing Materials

To engage with more customers and get new projects, you need to market your new small business. That’s where a well-designed website and top-notch marketing materials come in handy.

Creating a website is easier and more affordable than ever, thanks to the numerous website building options on the market today. Traditional marketing materials like brochures and magnets are also an important part of growing your business.

Make sure you add your logo and branding as well as your contact information to any marketing materials you create so future customers know how to get in touch with you.

The best refinishing training programs will help you develop a strong marketing strategy so that you can get started with winning clients right away.

4. Partner with a Quality Supplier & Support Team

Your refinishing projects are limited by the quality of the materials and equipment you use, so the supplier and support team you partner with can make or break your small business.

Look for a refinishing supply company that has a generous loyalty program, discounts on bulk supplies, and technical support for its customers. One way to tell if a supplier is a good fit is by the quality of its training program. By working with a company that offers innovative, hands-on training programs taught by leaders in the refinishing industry, you know you will have access to experienced professionals when you need additional support.

Ready to Start Your Own Refinishing Business?

If you are ready to explore a career in kitchen and bath refinishing, the industry-leading team at NAPCO is here to help.

The NAPCO training program offers sessions for new refinishers and entrepreneurs looking to start a refinishing business. Our class covers three days of hands-on refinishing training and includes a selection of professional refinishing products, business and marketing coaching, and ongoing technical support—all as part of our mission to provide beginners with everything they need to start a new kitchen and bath refinishing business.

We are also proud to offer a customer loyalty program that helps refinishers like you stay on budget and save even more on top-tier refinishing materials.

Register for training, shop our products, or call us at 800.888.1091 for more information.